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Palai Seafood | Tachawan Resort & Villas Phuket

Palai Seafood

If you had to choose just one thing that Phuket is famous for, many people would opt for its sensationally fresh seafood. Phuket's surrounding waters teem with the sort of marine life that would leave Jacques Cousteau dancing the calypso and wise visitors make sure that they benefit from this abundance.

As a result there are many seafood restaurants on the island yet only a few can boast a great view in an easy-to-find location. But Palai Seafood can.


Be prepared for a rough and tumble, totally Thai experience at Palai. Blend in and you'll have a great time. The al fresco part of the restaurant is busy from early evening on and just keeps getting busier as minivans arrive and diners file towards the tables so you're not exactly getting one-on-one, gold card winning service from the very young staff.

There is one singular facet to Palai's atmosphere, however: the prerecorded background music is top class – if you are a jazz lover. John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Sarah Vaughn et al blow away to beat the band until nine o'clock when more sedate Thai music comes on.


Unless you point out that you would prefer less spicy food, Palai will serve your dishes with enough chilies to melt down a nuclear reactor. "Mai pet!" means "Not spicy" and you should use this phrase when ordering.

All the old favourites feature at Palai; tom yam pla (spicy seafood soup), steamed lemon sea bass, seafood salad served with fresh squid and, without being world class, they're good, fresh, and hearty.

Yet Palai doesn't just serve seafood. We also sampled fried chicken with cashew nuts with a mixed salad.
Open :: 09.00 hrs - 21.00 hrs daily


Point to the menu when ordering – the level of spoken English is not exactly Shakespearean at Palai and some of the wait staff look refreshingly new to this game. Nevertheless, we encountered no difficulties and got exactly what we ordered. It is recommended to go there for lunch rather than dinner for a more quiet atmosphere...

Set menu as available for group party.


Location: Beachfront, Palai Beach, Soi Palai, Between Chalong and Phuket Town Tel: 076 282 174